CZ Bobwhite side x side


My Favorite guns

We are in no way associated with CZ, but being a SxS user for over 40 years I started looking for a new dependable gun about 2007 for $1000 or less.  After looking at everything that was out there I came across the CZ SxS shotguns and fell in love.  I looked at the Bobwhite, but then I found the Upland (which is the same gun only with a nickle plated receiver.  I bought a 20 gauge and a 410 and never ever regretted that decision.  Both seem perfectly balanced, I rarely ever miss with the 20 - I miss a few more with the 410 (not the gun's fault there).  The Metal and Wood work are wonderful.  The fit and finish are very good, and the light scroll work is just right.


Perfect for me

I have had MANY SxS shotguns including 15 or so L.C.Smiths, Parkers, A.H. Fox, and others.  I have owned some cheap ones too and honestly they felt like that, cheap ones.  When I first looked at the CZ it did not have a price tag on it.  Looking it over I was certain this was over $1000, I was absolutely dumbfounded when the sales guy told me it was $579.00  I was sold on the gun, but  being the IT guy I am and an Internet shopper I decided to wait a day and see what deals might be out at Gunbroker.  I was absolutely amazed to find a dealer selling a bunch of the Upland models for just $399 - so I grabbed a 20 in 26" English straight stock and a 410 28" with the rounded pistol Grip.  I do like the 410, but I absolutely love the 20.  I was disappointed they had sold out of the 28 gauge (although I just ordered 1 of the new G2 28 gauge guns this week and can't wait to try that out).



Are these guns dependable you might ask.  I asked myself the same question.  Well I bought these in early 2008.  It is now late 2019.  I have shot thousands of rounds through the 20 and hundreds through the 410.  Neither gun has ever failed me, misfired, or had any form of error.  Both are as tight today as they were the day I bought them.  I am completely sold and just can't wait until my 28 gauge arrives later this week.  I have a lot of quail I want to introduce to that gun!!!!